Saturday 14 February 2015

Lazada (Singapore) Online! (Valentines day special)

How are you going to spend your Valentine's day?

Wearing Camo Tee. Image credits to

Well, Valentines day is a day where I appreciate my loved ones through gifts/written cards.
However, its really sad that there is NO PUBLIC HOLIDAY allocated for Valentines day (T^T)

In 2015, Valentines day falls on a Saturday (which can be both good and bad).
Restaurants will be packed and hardly you can find a romantic space in this "over-populated" city. 

Buying gifts is definitely a headache too ( > . < )!!
How to buy gifts when we have work Monday to Friday! Shikes.

FRET NOT, prepare early this Valentines day, SHOP ONLINE! 

has EVERYTHING you need. 
(For both male & female out there)

So....  buy valentine day gifts online!

From electronics to apparels. Nothing you can't find. 

GIRLS, catch the sales on the 6th of Feb this coming Friday! 

GUYS! Need some suggestions before the 9th?

Top 10 items to buy IF I WERE A BOY...
(what I want to receive as a girl)

1. O.P.I Mini Sets! > < 

I love mini nail lacquers because I always can't finish the whole bottle before it dries!
Mini lacquers allows me to go for different colours depending on my mood.
Moreover, it's really sweet if I am able to receive colours that actually suits me and also colours that I like. 
It shows how much this guy knows about me!
& how much he actually bothers to want to know me more~

So... *hints* how many of you knows that girl well enough to give her nail lacquers?

Only at $25!
(UP $30)

2. OEM Hair Curler

If I actually have long hair, I would love this.
Unfortunately, my hair isnt long enough! 

For guys out there, if you wanna grab something for you long-hair pretty girl friend, 
this is definitely a must-buy if she loves curls.
It will save her all the time in the world she needs before she leaves house.

Only at $40
(UP $100)

3. A full set of clothes (carefully matched for her)

Wanna show off your effort to doll her up without the need to awkwardly step into shops to look for dresses for her?

Its really sweet, that thought of dressing her up from head to toe.
Gifting her a full set of clothes in a pretty box?

Its just... really something girls will want to have.
Pamper her and give her an awesome surprise as you buy a full set of clothes carefully coordinated just for her. 

Moreover, LZD is not expensive at all, rather cost efficient but also proves your sincerity ( ^   ^ )

Only LESS THAN $10 per top!

4. Huawei Ascend P7

You may think I am crazy to want to get a phone on Valentines Day.
But nonono! Hahah, this Ascend P7 is perfect for girls because its best for it's SELFIE function.

If you know a precious girl in your eyes that loves taking pictures, 
you don't have to think twice. 


5. Fujifilm Instax Mini

If your girl still doesn't have this and have been eyeing on it, now it's a good chance for you to surprise her with this from Lazada!

It comes in a bundle and I know, you know, she know that she will love it!

That's only if she still haven't have one!
Write a cheesy note to her together with this gift, tell her how you want her to capture every candid moment together!
How sweeeeeet ~

6. Adidas Yoga Fitness

Recently more and more girls have been into fitness Yoga trainings etc!
So is your girl into it?

Haha, as for me, I am not into these but Yoga Mats is useful for my stretching and other abs exercises
So well, it will be sweet if the 2 of you can workout together and it can definitely build your relationship!

7. MCS Flower and Bear

Wanna surprise her at the first moment you see her?
Catch that amazing smile when she see something sweet?
I will definitely smile SUPER widely when I see this gift!

8. Sony External Hard Disk

This may not seem like a good choice but if you can wrap it up and record a surprise for her inside,
it will definitely make a nice gift.

Moreover, she can store all her "memories" from her computer into this gigantic space and will not be afraid of leaving them behind when she decides to change her computer!

Never underestimate technology!

9. Sparkling Wines

The power of Wines~! 
If she drinks, wine is definitely a good choice for the night in the house.
Or if you are buying as a gift, let her know that you are the one she can turn to when she's alone/down

She will appreciate it if she loves it. So.. choose something that she likes to drink!

10. Philips Fruit Juicers

Healthy and always dieting?
Haha. Yes, we always try to blend something to make us look pretty.
Packed with anti-oxidents and vitamins.

I would want this Fruit Juicer for a daily dose of beautifying agents!
Maybe not just for your special girl, prolly for your special women! Your Mummy!

Don't forget your mummy this valentines day ( ^  ^ )

Its a one-shop-shop-it-all
Both guys and girls reading this, what are you waiting for?

Log on to LAZADA.SG today and grab your gifts to surprise your loved ones now!

Kiyomi Lim


  1. OHHH. I want the Instax!! It seems really cool (and chunky hehe)! Have you used it before? :D