Friday 6 February 2015

BEN-JO-MI meet-up (1st in 2015)

Hi all~ 

You guys should roughly know how close I am to Ben and Jody if you follow our twitter/instagram.

Haha. Well, assuming you're not IT savvy enough 
or simply cannot be bothered to read through what we say,
 you can see our closely bonded relationship through the following archives:

To think that our friendship actually back-dated to 2011 
when we first met together with the other 4 people in our previous clique~
& best of all? it all started from BLOGGING.
(And that busy bee Ben hasnt been blogging...)

Here is a photo (@Cynthia's place) where Ben was STILL LOOKING NERD
where Jody was still missing in the clique & one girl hasnt joined us.
(7 - 4 = 3 of us left)

To be fair to Ben... Here's a photo of him now!

I bet when he sees the previous picture he will go *FACE PALM* and say "OMG... KIYOMI...."

*P.S. off-track a little: till now it's still heart wrenching to realise how fragile some friendships can be no matter how close we were in the past. I remember having h2h talks with this particular girl and even meeting her in the middle of the night at some mc donalds when her boyfriend was in army. We can talk talk talk all day and go crazy together. We had fun together and created scenes together. I still remember how she encouraged me to drink more water because studying requires a lot of brain juices. > < In the end, everything just shattered. Till today, I still cannot overcome this feeling of lost. Maybe i'm too greedy, too greedy to let go of the past and embrace the current. I may have moved on, but I still harbor the thought where I hope things will go back how it were before everything ended.*

In hindsight, things really turned sour for a period of time 
where many fights and quarrels were involved. 
Whatever it is, I am very thankful that I was able to meet these 2 people 
and it is great to know that times change, we (ourselves) may change but our friendship still remains.

The 3 of us went to Chinatown Street for food. Haha. 
Since it was so late and Jody had Macs the entire day already!
& Omggggg. The food is FREAKING overpriced there.
(Okay, a little bit of over reaction, but you get it, it's overpriced)

We had a little catch up about life and, as usual, Ben and I nagged at Jody like she's some primary school kid that still doesnt know what she wants in life. Haha. 

I believe that this friendship will keep going and going on strong. No matter what life station we may be in or how different we are in social status, we can still sit down and have a kopi-talk together.
We laugh together, get mad together, go crazy together and have fun together. 

Ohya, and Ben promised to drive Jody and I for dim sum supper next time~
*Ben! Dont forget hor. You say you wanna "DRIVE" (with that driving action). HAHA!*

This friendship will keep going on and on and on.
BEN-JO-MI spirit~ 

Whatever it is, I want to thank the 2 of you for always being here.
I know whenever I need you guys, you guys will be here for me, vice versa. 
Thanks buddies.

Bye people~ 

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