Sunday 10 January 2016

Secrets to "healthy" hair by Kiyomi

Heh! Hi, I'm back after a long while of some crazy business in school.
During this holiday, I've changed my hair colour... hmm...
1.. 2.. 3.. no.. oh, 4 times! 

& my school friends were asking me, 
"Hey after bleaching your hair and changing hair colour all the time, 
why do your hair still look so healthy!"

Some background information:
I've bleached my hair in total of 5 times over the past 1 year.

I think the emphasis here is how my hair still look "healthy" after so many times of bleaching and colouring, which many Asians (like myself) try to achieve.

First, you need to know that your hair is no longer healthy! 
There is NO WAY your hair can revert to how it was when it first grew out from your head.
Your hair is definitely damaged once you've done some sort of chemical treatment to it. 
Be it rebonding/perming/colouring/bleaching ~ 

Second, you need to know that there is no ONE magical product that can revive your hair!
If you think that your hair is frizzy after colouring or hair texture changed, & saw how shiny someone's hair is after rebonding & you wanna go rebond your hair, I'm sorry but your hair will definitely be even more damaged than before! 
There is no one off solution to that! 

Thirdly, you need to know that your hair is very EXPENSIVE to maintain!
Like I mentioned above, ONE product alone cannot make your hair look healthy. 
Hence, I've decided to name this post "Part 1".

So today I'm going to talk about how important
are in your daily routine.

Some people don't use hair dryers as they feel that "hair dryers makes my hair dry (& frizzy)".
If you get that irony there~ 

But using the wrong hair dryer will definitely give you frizzy hair! 

Look at this picture of my hair when I didn't know how important hair dryers were: 


Yes, that was my hair when I only bleached it THRICE.

But now after realising my terrible mistake....
This is how my hair look now: 
after bleaching my 5th time, & I DID NOT do any treatment at the salon

So what hair dryers are good?

I would recommend TUFT or GHD hair dryers.
Right now, I'm using PLAY! by TUFT hair styling series' hairdryer.

You can do some research on these brands, they are really good products but quite pricey.
I'm using GHD's rose gold hair straightener (sometimes) & TUFT hairdryer daily.
*this is also because I can't afford GHD hair dryers T^T

& Hairdryers are only ONE part of the routine.
It does makes a difference but there are other things to take note of 
that I will share with you guys another time.

Just try changing your hairdryer to one like TUFT and you can instantly feel the difference.

See you here again next week! 

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