Wednesday 13 January 2016

New Semester, Y1S2

If you get whats YIS2 I guess what I'm gonna talk about wont be too alien to you. Heh~
In case you're not sure whats Y1S2, it means Year 1 Semester 2. 

Honestly, new year seems so much lesser when its put beside and being compared with
a new semester in school

The new semester just seems bigger & much more emphasized on .
The very first day my lesson starts seems like a whole new beginning
seems like something even greater than welcoming a new year.
Much more anxious and much more anxiety?

This is school life.

new semester - new hair

I dyed my hair blue but it conveniently faded off to an ash grey tone. Heh!
Saves me some money on changing hair colour!

I hope I can cope better in this semester compared to my disastrous semester 1.
I should be getting used to this soon!

I chanced upon this bag that looks damn good.
People will think that I'm sporty if I carry this.
Just KEEDZ~ Haha

I find it really nice and convenient.

Many challenges coming ahead. How about you guys?

That's all for this short post...


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